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The Conversation Continues: Reader's Comments
Readers respond to Mark L. Y. Chan's "Sowing Subversion in the Field of Relativism"

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"Moruti" Lutz, South Africa

February 04, 2010  6:53am

PART ONE When reading Chan's article I can only agree on the analysis he gives: that apparently in our postmodern world an absolute truth does not count any longer. Truth has beeb tribalized, as he said. I wonder, though, if it is not possible to turn this threat into an oportunity, with a bit of creative thinking. If we have to admitt that the world we live in does no longer accept "truth" as a valid category or concept, is there a way how we could continue proclaiming the gospel of the Jesus Christ who says: I am the truth!

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Displaying 21–21 of 21 comments.

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