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Readers respond to Mark Moring's "Songs of Justice, Missions of Mercy"

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November 17, 2009  9:36am

Very encouraging signs of life. This movement of mercy is essential for authentic worship (Isaiah 58) and is catching fire at the local church level. May God be pleased to increase their number. Chuck Burge - www.HarmonyBlog.org.

Al Wayne

November 15, 2009  10:59am

40 years in CCM has it right, having worked in the business in developing artists i have seen the same thing.


November 14, 2009  1:31pm

I've worked for Sparrow and others, managed some of the top names in christian music over almost 40 years. CT's "some earning stipends" made me laugh. These tours get mega corp. sponsorship $$ from the organizations involved. It's all marketing and all business with the artist handlers. CCM was pure in the 70's and has since become polluted with very mediocre talent who would never make it in the real world. CT, you could do a better job of investigating.

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November 13, 2009  8:30pm

Hey Charitas chill out! Don't let these Bono wannabees get to you. All they want is press release (free advertising), next week it will be some other PC issue.

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November 13, 2009  6:35pm

If only Geldof had been wise and written, Don't they know it's the "Holidays?"

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November 13, 2009  2:50pm

Unfortunately most CCM artists I fear are into this for self-promotion. You don't see them tackling "pro-life" issues because it is politically unfavorable. It is so much easier to bow before the idol of cultural acceptance since everyone & their brother wants a mission to Africa thanks to the fourth member of the Trinity, Bono. Maybe if Christian musicians tackled abortion as a cause, I would see some credibility. But it's hard enough to get them to meaningfully evangelize or share about Christ.

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November 13, 2009  12:17pm

Charitas, What do you mean? Can you speak in regular English? I really want to know what you are saying.

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November 13, 2009  11:03am

Woodstock goes to worship with Juveniles for Jesus. The Christian Industrial complex is well equipped to continue with business as usual on behalf of the un resurrected Church during the tribulation. Holistic do gooders have much more to do with Jan Smuts than the Bible which they selectively use. "If we had a hammer ....holy holy holy we want to be holy .... we' hammer out justice ..."

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Displaying 1–8 of 8 comments.

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