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Mission Fields on the Move

The massive global migration we see today presents unparalleled opportunities for ministry.

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March 16, 2011  4:11pm

I think that is really is amazing to look at how God did use “outsiders” to change lives and nations in the Bible. Ruth is one of my favorite stories in the Bible and it is amazing to see how God uses her in the story of Israel. By bringing in a cultural outsider, as Mr. Greenfield discusses, we receive a fresh look on how we are running our churches and how we do outreach ministry. Bringing in someone from another culture may be uncomfortable, but I think that many times God uses our discomfort to teach us huge lessons; lessons that many times we remember more strongly because of the discomfort that was there.

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alackson bako iliya

September 09, 2010  2:41pm

By the grace of the Lord, I want to be a part of mission work either through prayer or in going.

Chivimbiso Ngowe, Zimbabwe

May 11, 2010  6:26am

Escobar has brought in an amazing dimension that may have been missed by a lot of Christians especially those whose countries are receiving immigrants. I have always seen it as a fulfillment of scripture that all of us as Christians should reach the ends of the world as witnesses of Christ. And this happens whether by a mission sending us or us going as economic immigrants. But, the difference lies with the heart to take the gospel. That scripture on the Jerusalem persecution that led to massive and miraculous ministry in Samaria and other cities is a good example. Keep it up Mr Escobar.

louie lancia, italy

May 08, 2010  2:53pm

For once I would impeach the idea that is espoused by most political Christians to validate the mixture of Church and State, it is not enough to speak about things like John the Baptist who spoke against King Herod about his internal affairs because Isarel was a nation where the laws of the land were the 613 laws known as the Mosaic Covennant, The truth is that God put a separation between the priesthood and the kingship is clear in the fact we know that Jesus became the High priest of our profession and although we know he is the King of King and the Lord of Glory not all things are subject unto him as yet but indeed Christ will fulfill the Kingship...amen

Doranna Cooper, USA

May 08, 2010  2:43pm

Southern California is one of the greatest mission fields in the USA. There have been so many ethnic groups here that you don't need to try to go to a closed country because there are plenty of their people here. It is just trying to get churches off their duff and reach out and evangelize. In turn those converts can go back to their ethnic country without barriers and carry the gospel of Jesus Christ. Another is reaching out to foriegn students and inviting them into our homes to show the love of Christ. Thru prayer God can lead you to He wants you to befriend.

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