May 26, 1700 born in Dresden to Count George Ludwig and Baroness Charlotte.

1703–1710 reared at Gross-Hennersdorf estate of grandmother, Baroness Von Gersdorf.

1710 enrolled at Halle in the Paedagogium of Pietist August Francke.

1715 pledged his life’s devotion to Christ and originated “The Order of the Grain of Mustard Seed.”

August 25, 1716 arrived at Wittenberg to begin university studies.

1719–1720 “grand tour” of Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland. In a Dusseldorf museum he made a vow to Christ.

October 1721 began service as lawyer in the court of Elector August the Strong

April 1722 purchased the Berthelsdorf estate from grandmother.

September 7, 1722 wed Countess Erdmuth Dorothea von Reuss at Ebersdorf

August 7, 1724 first child, Christian Ernest, born, but lived only three months. Of their twelve children, three survived their parents.

May 1727 signing of “Brotherly Agreement” at Herrnhut.

August 13, 1727 “birthday” of Renewed Moravian Church at Herrnhut.

1731 in Copenhagen for King Christian Vl coronation met a converted slave Anthony Ulrich, from West Indies.

August 21, 1732 commenced Leonard Dober and David Nitschmann to God as first Moravian missionaries. On this date they departed Herrnhut.

December 19, 1734 formally ordained a Lutheran minister by Tubingen faculty.

1736 banished from Saxony; “Pilgrim Congregation” settled in Wetteravia.

May 20, 1737 ordained a bishop of the Moravian Church in Berlin.

1738 hosted John Wesley visiting Herrnhut; visited West Indies.

December 1741 with countess, daughter Benigna, Anna Nitschmann, began 14-month stay in America.

1747 decree of banishment lifted; temporarily visited Herrnhut.

1749–1755 made London focal point of worldwide Moravian activities.

June 19, 1756 Countess Zinzendorf died at Herrnhut. June 27, 1757 wedded Anna Nitschmann; abdicated his position in Empire in favor of his nephew.

May 9 1760 died at Herrnhut.