Leaders & Writings

The Age of Jesus and the Apostles (A.D.-70)

30: Crucifixion of Jesus; Pentecost

35: Stephen martyred; Paul converted

57: Paul’s Letter to the Romans

The Age of Early Christianity (70-312)

150: Justin Martyr dedicates his First Apology

155: Polycarp martyred

180: Irenaeus writes Against Heresies

196: Tertullian begins writing

215: Origen begins writing

248: Cyprian elected bishop of Carthage

The Age of the Christian Empire (312-590)

323: Eusebius completes Ecclesiastical History

386: Augustine converts to Christianity

398: Chrysostom consecrated bishop of Constantinople

440: Leo the Great consecrated bishop of Rome

524: Boethius completes Consolation of Philosophy

590: Gregory the Great elected Pope

Christian Middle Ages (590-1517)

731: Bede’s Ecclesiastical History published

781: Alcuin becomes royal adviser to Charles

1093: Anselm becomes archbishop of Canterbury

1141: Hildegard of Bingen begins writing

1272: Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae

1370: Catherine of Siena begins her Letters

1373: Julian of Norwich receives her revelations

1415: Hus burned at stake

1418: Thomas à Kempis writes The Imitation of Christ

1431: Joan of Arc burned at stake

Age of the Reformation (1517-1648)

1517: Luther posts his Ninety-Five Theses

1518: Ulrich Zwingli comes to Zurich

1536: Calvin publishes first edition of Institutes

1536: Menno Simons baptized as Anabaptist

1549: Book of Common Prayer released

1559: John Knox makes final return to Scotland

1563: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs published

1565: Teresa of Avila writes The Way of Perfection

1603: Arminius appointed professor at Leyden

1628: Jan Comenius flees

1647: George Fox begins to preach

Age of Reason & Revival (1648-1789)

1654: Pascal has definitive conversion experience

1675: Spencer’s Pia Desideria advances Pietism

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