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Everybody's talking about money but few agree. What are they saying, and why?
She singlehandedly revolutionized the field of nursing, a mission that began with a call to God's service at age 17.
Why would thousands come to hear him speak?
Debilitating gout, poisonous slander, recurring depression—Spurgeon suffered them all. What happened to his faith as a result?
Catherine of Siena lived—and helped others—during the most devastating plague in human history.
The poets who put words in our mouths.
A psychologist examines the mental illness that afflicted William Carey's first wife
The model missionary did not have a model home
A look at one year of Whitefield's whirlwind ministry.
A historian looks at the causes and lingering effects of Christian warfare.
Why, and how, everyone should read the Bible
The tragic economics of the slave trade.
Whether on her feet or from her sickbed, Florence Nightingale worked to save lives.
Dr. Livingstone was also a meticulous scientist.
Little-known or remarkable facts about David Livingstone: missionary explorer
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February 18, 1546: German reformer Martin Luther dies in Eisleben. In one of his pockets he had placed the beginning of a projected manuscript against Roman Catholics. In another pocket was a slip of paper reminding him, "We are beggars, that's the truth" (see issue 39: Luther's Later Years).

February 18, 1564: Michelangelo Buonarroti, the Italian Renaissance artist whose works include the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, dies.

February 18, 1678: Puritan preacher John Bunyan publishes The Pilgrim's ...

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