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Interesting facts about the history of recorded history.
From fire on Mount Athos to Saxon king crosses
Monastery in a war zone, affluent Essenes, and Luther's loo
Rediscovered Bach aria, buried Saxon church, and digitizing one of the world's oldest New Testament manuscripts
First church of Norway, Da Vinci's fingerprint, and the cradle of Scottish Christianity
Oldest church discovered, Christian history in the movies, rare book by Roger Williams
In New Orleans, the saints go marching on.
The discovery of the Nag Hammadi collection brought ancient Gnostic writings to light.
From the Editor
In the Byzantine era, 300 years before the Muslim conquest, the Holy Land bloomed into a center of Christian worship, pilgrimage, and monasticism.
Interesting facts about Christianity in the Holy Land.
The holiest site in Christendom has endured an unholy amount of destruction and violence.
Luther couldn’t resist speaking out on indulgences one more time.
A piece of the true cross has been stolen in Toronto—but how did it get there in the first place?
Christianity has a long history in China, but much of it lies buried by time, dirt, and false assumptions.
Have archaeological discoveries like the James ossuary served or obscured the quest to verify the Bible?
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May 25, 735: Bede ("The Venerable"), father of English history, dies. In addition to his Ecclesiastical History of the English People (731), biographies of abbots, and Scripture commentaries, he wrote our primary source for the story of how Celtic and Roman Christianity clashed at the Synod of Whitby in 664 (see issue 60: How the Irish Were Saved and issue 72: How We Got Our History).

May 25, 1535: After holding Munster under siege for over a year, the army of the city's Roman Catholic ...

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