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In His treatment of women, as in many other areas, Jesus of Nazareth was a radical contrast to the standards of His times
A Plea for the Poor (1793)
Oliver Cromwell and the Effort to Save the Waldensians
From Love of Self To Love of God To Love of Self for God
While carrying tracts to Union troops, one preacher was seized by Confederates as a spy.
As sincere believers marched to subjugate a continent, other Christians had to oppose them
Courageous Christians who worked on behalf of "the least of these" in the Americas
Excerpts from an ancient Christian sermon
Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther's later years
Stories that reveal Francis's intense, complex personality.
What do you pack if you're going to China as a British missionary in 1865?
Lord Shaftesbury and William Gladstone, like Wilberforce, had Christ in their hearts and politics in their blood.
Whether on her feet or from her sickbed, Florence Nightingale worked to save lives.
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June 27, 444: Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria and author of several writings on the dual natures of Christ, dies. He opposed Nestorius, who supposedly taught there were two separate persons in the Incarnate Christ, one divine and the other human. Historians doubt, however, whether or not Nestorius actually taught this. In any case, Cyril deposed Nestorius in 430 (see issue 51: Heresy in the Early Church).

June 27, 1933: James Mountain, English revivalist and hymnwriter ("Like a River Glorious"), ...

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