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Debilitating gout, poisonous slander, recurring depression—Spurgeon suffered them all. What happened to his faith as a result?
He was the Union's leading general and twice president of the United States. But he was no saint.
The model missionary did not have a model home
Soon after he began an orphanage, Whitefield found himself chained by expenses he couldn't pay.
In intense turmoil, Luther wrote his greatest hymn.
Henry Stanley did more than find Livingstone—he followed him.
African American enslaved Christians bore witness to the gospel despite the threat of punishment at the hands of fellow Christians.
Remarkable or little-known facts about Hudson Taylor and missions to China.
Crusaders fought many terrible battles in the Middle East, but Muslims started - and won - the war.
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February 21, 1109: Anselm, the Archbishop of Canterbury recognized as the "founder of Scholasticism," dies. One of the most profound thinkers of the Middle Ages, his treatise Why Did God Become Man was the greatest medieval treatise on the atonement. He is also known for his ontological argument for the existence of God.

February 21, 1142: Medieval French philosopher, teacher, and theologian Peter Abelard dies. Perhaps best known for his (chaste) love affair with nun Heloise, Abelard made ...

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