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In a historic sermon preached on the third day of the second Zurich Disputation, Zwingli set forth his understanding of the ministry in a lengthy message that is timeless in the application. Excerpts from this sermon are found in the "From the Archives" section of this magazine. In this article Dr. Fritz Büsser discusses the central thrust of Zwingli's understanding of the nature of the ministry as aticulated in "The Shepherd" sermon.
This article condensed and edited from the book by the same title. Used by permission.
Some of his works are little known. Some are fictional. But all are provocative. Here's a brief guide.
Born into privilege, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was headed toward a brilliant career as a theologian. Then he came to see life "from the perspective of those who suffer." In Nazi Germany, that cost him his life.
It scandalized many Christians and made Time magazine—so, like whatever happened to the Jesus Movement?
After Livingstone opened Africa, Western missionaries moved in by the thousands. Did they hurt or help Africans?
The post-Gospel lives of the disciples.
What type of history do the four Evangelists tell, and what does it reveal about Jesus?
For the desert fathers, theology was not the study of God but the study of how to become like God.
Pastor Edwards spared neither loving care nor the rod.
The roots of a resurgent practice, plus 14 books for further study.
Prison reformer
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March 26, 655: Deusdedit becomes the first English-born Archbishop of Canterbury. He served until 664.

March 26, 752: Stephen III assumes the papacy after Stephen II dies. But Stephen III is sometimes called Stephen II, since the real Stephen II hardly counts: he died a mere four days after his election!

March 26, 1831: Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the first black bishop in America, dies at age 71 (see issue 62: Bound for Canaan).

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