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A Palestinian Christian Finds the Path from Hate to Forgiveness
A Conversation with Robert Louis Wilken
From the Editor
A Palestinian Christian finds the path from hate to forgiveness.
The birth of an "official" Chinese church helped Christianity thrive in public under political constraints.
Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were champions of both the Bible and progressive reform.
Every elected president has referred to God, providence, or a "higher power," in an inaugural address.
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July 21, 1773: Pope Clement XIV dissolves the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), which was founded in 1534. Clement did not condemn the Society, but explained it was an administrative move for the peace of the church. Pius VII restored the society in 1814.

July 21, 1925: Biology teacher John T. Scopes is fined $100 for teaching evolution. He lost his trial, but because of it fundamentalists lost respect (see issue 55: The Monkey Trial and The Rise of Fundamentalism).

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