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Selections From Confession of Faith which all the citizens and inhabitants of Geneva and the subjects of the country must promise to keep and hold. (1536)
A Handbook for "Earthy" Christian Living
A Letter to a Mother and Her Children
Moody's common sense and quick wit led to many pithy sayings. A sampling.
An obscure monk invited debate on a pressing church issue—and touched off a history-shattering reform movement.
What did Luther actually say in the 95 Theses?
What has Luther left to us, 500 years later?
Why followers of the Prince of Peace waged war.
African American enslaved Christians bore witness to the gospel despite the threat of punishment at the hands of fellow Christians.
The doctrinal grounding of Dante's mysterious mountain.
What made African bishop Festo Kivengere rejoice in the face of monstrous evil?
A Palestinian Christian Finds the Path from Hate to Forgiveness
From the Editor
A Palestinian Christian finds the path from hate to forgiveness.
A look at the famous saint, and his strategic missions.
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February 20, 1469: Thomasso de Vio Cajetan, the most learned of the Roman Catholic dignitaries sent to silence Martin Luther in the early years of the Protestant Reformation, is born. He was also one of the cardinals who convinced Pope Clement VII to reject Henry VIII's request to divorce Catherine of Aragon (see issue 34: Luther's Early Years).

February 20, 1895: Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, the first African-American to hold high political office, dies. After escaping to freedom in 1838, he ...

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