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Zwingli died before his dreams were fulfilled, but his followers, especially Heinrich Bullinger, spread his Reformed influence throughout Europe, to England, and eventually to America.
A Gallery of thumbnail sketches of close and influential family and friends of C.S. Lewis
This close friend of the scholar Jerome, known for her scholarship and her extreme piety and generosity, was one of the most noteworthy people—women or men—in all the 4th-century church.
Eric W. Hayden, formerly minister at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, is the author of numerous books on Spurgeon, including Searchlight on Spurgeon (Pilgrim, 1973).
Three colleagues from Union Theological Seminary who deeply influenced Bonhoeffer
His closest companion reflects on the meaning of Bonhoeffer's life for us today.
Significant people in Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life
Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield: Theologically, they were miles apart, yet they became affectionate friends.
Usama ibn Munqidh was emir of Shizar in the twelfth century, when Christians occupied much of the Holy Land. Here are three accounts of his experience with the clash of cultures.
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February 19, 843: Empress Theodora reinstates icons once and for all in the Eastern churches, effectively ending the medieval iconoclastic controversy. A council in 787 had allowed the veneration of icons, but opponents of images still controlled most of the government and much of the church leadership. The controversy continued, however, and was one of the reasons for the Great Schism between Catholics and the Orthodox in 1054 (see issue 54: Eastern Orthodoxy).

February 19, 1377: John Wycliffe stands ...

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