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Enthusiasm for racial reconciliation has never been so high among American evangelicals. Why?
Early religious TV presented huge challenges, which Pentecostals met better than most.
How our scholars and general readers voted in the Most Influential Christians of the Century survey.
As an evangelist he preached to millions; as an evangelical he put a movement on the map.
At stake was nothing less than the reliability of Scripture.
Billy Graham's early crusades stirred the sleeping conscience of mid-century America.
Evangelicals are still searching for the elusive ideal of unity.
How the grand old man of evangelism helped create Christian youth culture in the zoot-suit era.
How evangelism's senior statesman helped the hippies "tune in, turn on to God."
His 1957 crusade proved to be a historic confrontation with segregation, fundamentalism, and mainline theology.
Evangelist to millions
Southern sensibilities, media savvy, denominational openness, and an expanding social vision helped turn a country boy evangelist into a cultural icon.
Famed evangelist had help with the revival that almost wasn't.
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July 22, 1620: Led by John Robinson, a group of English Separatists who had fled to Holland in 1607, sail for England, where they would board the Mayflower (see issue 41: The American Puritans).

July 22, 1822: Gregor Mendel, the Austrian monk and botanist who discovered the basic laws of genetic inheritance, is born.

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