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Embracing the supernatural elements of Christianity while committed to its rationalism, Lewis brought an orthodox view of a transcendent, immanent God to the common man.
The last published article by Lewis before his death asked this question.
Translated from Marianne Beyer-Frohlich, hrsg., Pietismus und Rationalismus (Leipzig, 1933), pp. 19–20.
A persuasive appeal from a powerful evangelist.
Stories that reveal Francis's intense, complex personality.
She stirred a generation by touching the untouchables.
Eusebius traces the Christian saga: from abuse to esteem in less than a decade.
Chesterton is seldom what we expect but often what we need.
Interesting and unusual facts about Jonathan Edwards
Edwards found the Christian life sweet and said so often.
How did Tolkien's approach to writing for a secularizing world compare with those of his Christian contemporaries?
Heaven's bliss was among Edwards's favorite preaching themes.
Edwards's interest in religious psychology arose from his own almost mystical encounters with God.
The Seven Joys of Mary
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May 21, 1382: The "Earthquake Synod" in London (so named because a temblor interrupted the proceedings), led by Archbishop Courtenay, condemns as heretical 24 theses from the writings of John Wycliffe. Wycliffe later claimed that God sent the earthquake "because the friars had put heresy upon Christ. The earth trembled as it did when Christ was damned to bodily death" (see issue 3: John Wycliffe).

May 21, 1471: Painter, engraver, and woodcut designer Albrecht Durer is born in ...

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