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Taken from "Tales of a Wesleyana Collector" by Frederick F. Maser
(Resources listed alphabetically, by title, within each category. with asterisks denote those still in print.)
No activity shaped Puritans more than their "plain" preaching. Here's what it was like.
As obscure now as his tiny native village, Pierre Viret once captured the hearts of the Huguenots.
Chesterton's unique theology reveals what Christians know, but forget to believe.
Chesterton is seldom what we expect but often what we need.
At odds with his age, he created another.
"Enormous" Essayist, poet, writer
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April 19, 526: Justinian I is crowned Roman Emperor in Constantinople's magnificent cathedral, the Santa Sophia. Attempting to restore political and religious unity in the eastern and western empires, he ruthlessly attacked pagans and heretics and created the Code of Justinian, a massive restructuring of law (including much regarding the relationship of church and state) that would be the basis of legislation for nearly a millennium.

April 19, 1054: Pope Leo IX dies. Because Leo refused the title ...

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