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The Anglican Church's struggle with divorce is nothing new—just consider King Henry VIII.
Miss America preaches a 2000-year-old message.
A little-read book of the Bible reminds us of the astonishing intimacy we enjoy with Christ
The threat of gay marriage challenges Christians to defend older, better definitions of marriage. But what are those definitions, and how did they develop?
We can learn from the defeat of American Christian activism's greatest legislative victory.
Together, Emperor Justinian I and Empress Theodora I transformed the Byzantine landscape.
Greatest Byzantine
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April 23, 1073: Hildebrand is elected pope, taking the name Gregory VII. The first pope to excommunicate a ruler (Henry IV), Gregory was driven out of Rome in 1084. "I have loved righteousness and hated iniquity," were his last words, "therefore I died in exile.

April 23, 1538: John Calvin and William Farel (whom Calvin was assisting) are banished from Geneva. The day before, Easter Sunday, both had refused to administer communion, saying the city was too full of vice to partake. Three years later, ...

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