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Selected quotations from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's writings. Quotations primarily from A Testament to Freedom: The Essential Writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, edited by Geffrey B. Kelly and F. Burton Nelson (HarperCollins, 1990).
He was the Union's leading general and twice president of the United States. But he was no saint.
A sample of the reformer's wit and wisdom.
Little-known or remarkable facts about William Carey
They boldly went where no Christian had gone before
A psychologist examines the mental illness that afflicted William Carey's first wife
The model missionary did not have a model home
Little-known or remarkable facts about George Whitefield
A look at one year of Whitefield's whirlwind ministry.
Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther's later years
Luther's wit and wisdom about his new estate
Christians thought they had liberated Jerusalem from infidels. But what did Muslims think?
The devout, combative, and scandalous women who shared in the Crusades.
Little-known or remarkable facts about the American Puritans
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April 20, 1139: The Second Lateran Council, led by Pope Innocent II and attended by 1,000 church leaders, opens in Rome. The council focused on reforming the church in the wake of the East-West schism (1054) and preserving the temporal possessions of the clergy.

April 20, 1233 (some say 1232): Pope Gregory IX appoints full-time papal inquisitors and gives the Dominican order authority to carry out the Inquisition. For their vigilant and persistant work, the order won the moniker "Domini canes" or ...

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