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Like Bilbo discovering one dwarf after another at his door, Tolkien found himself, in the 1960s, hosting a growing American fan club.
How do Christian beliefs relate to Indian philosophy and culture? These Indian thinkers came up with different answers.
Oldest church discovered, Christian history in the movies, rare book by Roger Williams
Pop culture has been coming to a church near you for hundreds of years.
So you've got an evangelistic pop-culture act ready for prime time. Here's a historical pause for reflection.
Here is our review of "the Christian history that made the stories that made the news."
UPN's "Amish In the City" shows us our modern selves in a mirror that is positively medieval.
Has God been "re-routing" us through popular movies, books, and cultural events?
Blues and rock legend Dion DiMucci draws inspiration from a fiery early church father.
Church largely greets latest Dan Brown thriller with shrug.
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March 23, 332 (traditional date): Gregory the Illuminator, who converted a nation before Constantine even embraced Christianity, dies. A missionary to his homeland of Armenia, he converted King Tiridates, and much of the kingdom followed suit. Soon Christianity was established as the national religion, with Gregory as its bishop (see issue 57: Conversion of Rome).

March 23, 1540: Waltham Abbey in Essex becomes the last monastery in England to transfer its allegiance from the Catholic Church to the ...

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