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What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study.
Newton responded to thousands of requests for spiritual counsel with letters advising the lowly and the great.
The roots of a resurgent practice, plus 14 books for further study.
Modern Protestants are rediscovering the ancient practice of spiritual direction.
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April 20, 1139: The Second Lateran Council, led by Pope Innocent II and attended by 1,000 church leaders, opens in Rome. The council focused on reforming the church in the wake of the East-West schism (1054) and preserving the temporal possessions of the clergy.

April 20, 1233 (some say 1232): Pope Gregory IX appoints full-time papal inquisitors and gives the Dominican order authority to carry out the Inquisition. For their vigilant and persistant work, the order won the moniker "Domini canes" or ...

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