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Christian Asceticism from the Early Church Through the Reformation
The experts said a church-history magazine would never work. On our 10th anniversary, we look back with founder Ken Curtis.
Little Known Facts about the Crusades.
Why did Francis insist that his followers live in absolute poverty?
Stories that reveal Francis's intense, complex personality.
Not everyone who loved Francis followed his way.
In that day, it took extreme measures to live for peace: a photo-essay.
Little-known or remarkable facts about Francis of Assisi
In Francis's day, abandoning possessions was seen as a key to holiness
Gentle Clare of Assisi had to defy family and church to follow in Francis's way.
Did Francis really receive the wounds of Jesus?
How should his followers obey his instructions?
Eight hundred years later, Francis's life and message seem remarkably up to date.
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April 22, 1418: The Council of Constance ends, having finally ended the Great Western Schism. When the schism began nearly 40 years earlier, three men had reasonable claims to the papacy. The council deposed all three and elected Martin V. (Martin then turned around and rejected further councils' right to depose a pope.) Though that part of the council is regarded as a triumph, the council also hastily condemned Jan Hus, a Bohemian preacher and forerunner of Protestantism, and sentenced him to execution ...

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