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Finney's Christian Perfection
The Booths, their children, and The Salvation Army have all received extensive study, so only a small portion of available works can be listed here. Works are listed alphabetically by title within each category. Asterisks denote those available through The Salvation Army (see addresses below).
The General's view of sanctification, the kingdom of God, and salvation moved his Army to action.
The finished work controversy was Pentecostalism's first split
What scoffers viewed as a weird babble of tongues became a world phenomenon after his Los Angeles revival.
The evolution of John Wesley's most contentious doctrine.
John and Charles disagreed on the measure of holiness a Christian might expect on earth, but both longed for it. From Christian Perfection (Sermon 40)
No Protestant leader in the eighteenth century made better use of print media than John Wesley.
Holiness leaders were a fractious bunch, but there was vision behind their division.
The 19th-century holiness revival took many forms as it swept across denominational boundaries.
Puritan theologian John Owen diagnosed the disease of sin and pointed to the cure.
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March 25, 1625: England's King James I dies. In 1604, at the Hampton Court Conference, James authorized the translation project that produced the 1611 King James (Authorized) Version of the Bible (see issue 43: How We Got Our Bible).

March 25, 1797: Social reformer John Winebrenner, founder of the Church of God (now known as the Churches of God, General Conference), is born in Maryland.

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