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The eucharistic meal continues to spill over its historical forms to pervade the lives of Christians, doing so every time we approach any table in faith.
In third-century Rome, baptism was high drama
Little-known or remarkable facts about worship in the early church
Excerpts from an ancient Christian sermon
How early Christians expressed their joy
Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther's later years
For a thousand years of Christian worship, lay people had rarely sung. Then came Luther.
Little-known or remarkable facts about the American Puritans
For 100 years, the American Puritans strove to create a model Christian society.
What Puritans did to grow spiritually
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July 16, 1519: The Disputation of Leipzig, in which Martin Luther argued that church councils had been wrong and that the church did not have ultimate doctrinal authority, ends (see issue 34: Luther's Early Years).

July 16, 1769: Spanish Franciscan friar Father Junipero Serra founds the San Diego de Alcala mission in California, the first permanent Spanish settlement on the west coast of America (see issue 35: Christopher Columbus).

July 16, 1931: Missionary C.T. Studd, one of the famous "Cambridge ...

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