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Why many are tempted to disown Knox, and why we shouldn't.
How the reformers radically changed Christian worship in Scotland.
Protestant services were lean and (to some) mean.
A lot of mistakes were made before the church figured out how best to describe Jesus Christ.
Little-known or fascinating facts about Eastern Orthodoxy
Why the Orthodox killed one another over icons.
For the Orthodox, worship is heaven on earth.
The strength of Orthodoxy, it turns out, is also its greatest temptation.
The explorer encounters an exotic continent.
When Christianity came to town, the religious marketplace was already crowded.
Today's evangelistic challenge is not all that different than it was for the early church.
What exactly took place in a synagogue service?
One of today's popular hymns began as a medieval Irish prayer.
Spiritual memories of slaves in their own words.
Why slaves adopted the religion of their masters--and transformed it.
"Nobody knows the trouble I see, nobody knows my sorrow."
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August 21, 1741: George Frideric Handel shuts himself up in his home to begin writing "Messiah." He finished the composition 23 days later. "Whether I was in the body or out of the body when I wrote it, I know not," he later said.

August 21, 1874: Henry Ward Beecher, a popular Congregational clergyman from Connecticut, is accused of adultery. Sued for $100,000 by the alleged adulteress's husband, the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe (and son of evangelical leader Lyman Beecher) would eventually be ...

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