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One April Sunday, Richard and fellow black Methodists decided they wouldn't stand for prejudice anymore.
The poet's feelings for Beatrice far exceeded a childhood crush.
Reforming doctrine was just the beginning of a vigorous campaign to restructure Christian life—at church, at home, and in each believer's heart.
What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study.
Known for their fidelity to prayer and confrontation with the spirits of indigenous religion, West Africa's Aladura churches grew from the radical faith of a group of visionary leaders.
The birth of an "official" Chinese church helped Christianity thrive in public under political constraints.
Today's churches have a wealth of tradition in their hymnals—if only they'd open them.
An ambitious new book takes us into the diverse world of Christian worship practices from the early church to today.
Billy Graham's songleader looks back on the groundbreaking 1948 Youth for Christ songbook—a memorable combination of beloved traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs for the post-war generation.
"The Fifth Evangelist"
The German-born English composer behind the "Messiah."
Prolific and blind hymn writer
Father of English hymnody
The Jesus People movement of the 1960s and '70s generated new kinds of music that transformed worship in evangelical churches.
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September 19, 821: Theodulf, poet, scholar, secretary of education, and bishop of Orleans during Charlemagne's reign is buried. He wrote hymns, among which his best remembered is "Gloria Laus et Honor" or "All Glory, Laud and Honor / To thee Redeemer King.

September 19, 1853: Baptist missionary pioneer J. Hudson Taylor sets sail from England for China at the age of 21 (see issue 52: Hudson Taylor).

September 19, 1888: Missionary Jonathan Goforth begins a tour of the Henan region ...

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