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The Awakening not only brought spiritual renewal to God's people, and new conversions, but salt and light to the society around.
The evangelist converted mass evangelism.
Where was God in this brutal national war? An unbaptized non-churchgoer came up with a profound answer.
A persuasive appeal from a powerful evangelist.
The Revolutionary War changed American Christianity, and it still sparks debate today.
It took some doing for Chinese Protestants to get free of missionary control.
The people, conferences, and organizations that made up the fundamentalist family.
Little-known or remarkable facts about early Pentecostalism.
Racial harmony broke down, but the hope did not.
Early Pentecostals asked, Why go to war when Jesus is on his way?
In Pentecostalism's early years it was not unusual to see women preaching, pastoring, and leading.
One April Sunday, Richard and fellow black Methodists decided they wouldn't stand for prejudice anymore.
How the largest African-American denomination in the world got its start.
Why the twentieth-century West—urban and explosive—ain't what it used to be.
Father of American church history
What a church does in remembrance of Christ says a lot about its history and identity.
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March 20, 687: Cuthbert, bishop of Lindisfarne and a vocal supporter of Celtic practices over Roman ones, dies. Shortly thereafter the Lindisfarne monks created the Lindisfarne Gospels in his honor (see issue 60: How the Irish Were Saved).

March 20, 1747: Severely ill with tuberculosis, Presbyterian missionary David Brainerd ends his work among the Native Americans of Delaware (see issue 77: Jonathan Edwards).

March 20, 1852: Abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, daughter of famous Congregational minister ...

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