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After Livingstone opened Africa, Western missionaries moved in by the thousands. Did they hurt or help Africans?
Henry Stanley did more than find Livingstone—he followed him.
Those closest to the remarkable explorer were often remarkable themselves.
The same traits that led the explorer to greatness, led him into the Zambezi disaster.
Bachelor Livingstone's unromantic stroll into marriage.
Though Livingstone loved his family, he spent little time with them.
African slavery thwarted every effort to eradicate it.
The explorer encounters an exotic continent.
Livingstone seemed unimpressed by the great cats—even after being attacked by one.
Dr. Livingstone was also a meticulous scientist.
The man, the missionary, the explorer, the legend.
Little-known or remarkable facts about David Livingstone: missionary explorer
David Livingstone, Missionary Explorer
Missionary-explorer of Africa
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May 22, 337: Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, dies. Though known for calling the Council of Nicaea (which condemned the Arian heresy) and for beginning the process of Christianizing the empire, he waited until just before his death before he finally accepted baptism into the church (see issue 57: Converting the Empire).

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