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The message of the greatest communicator of his age.
Little-known or remarkable facts about George Whitefield
As George Whitefield blazed across England, Scotland, and America, his dramatic preaching caused excitement bordering on panic.
A farmer races to the sensation.
Cornelius Winter was at Whitefield's orphan house when he learned of the evangelist's death. His report:
A persuasive appeal from a powerful evangelist.
Whitefield's co-workers in the great eighteenth-century revival.
A look at one year of Whitefield's whirlwind ministry.
A sampler of sayings
Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield: Theologically, they were miles apart, yet they became affectionate friends.
Soon after he began an orphanage, Whitefield found himself chained by expenses he couldn't pay.
Whitefield's troubling mix of views.
We still feel Whitefield's influence today.
Sensational Evangelist of Britain and America
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April 18, 1161: Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury, dies. He repeatedly quarreled with his superiors about church appointments and other political questions, but he the influential French abbot Bernard of Clairvaux supported him. Theobald helped strengthen the English church and build the career of Thomas Becket, whom he recommended as chancellor to England's newly crowned King Henry.

April 18, 1587: English Protestant historian John Foxe, author of Actes and Monuments of Matters Happenning to the ...

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