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Whether he was battling despair or floating on euphoric faith, Hudson Taylor drove himself—and the gospel—ever deeper into China.
Missionaries who dressed like the Chinese suffered a few snags.
The story of seven extraordinary missionaries and their brief encounter with an extraordinary Chinese pastor.
The earliest China missionaries started with the elite.
Women played a controversial but decisive new role in China missions.
The Boxer Rebellion revealed the courage of missionaries—and the resentment they sparked.
Six missionaries whose tenacity changed China
It took some doing for Chinese Protestants to get free of missionary control.
The missionaries are forgotten, but the prospects for Chinese Christianity have never looked better.
What do you pack if you're going to China as a British missionary in 1865?
What do you pack if you're going to China as a British missionary in 1865?
Remarkable or little-known facts about Hudson Taylor and missions to China.
The year Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, and Sören Kierkegaard launched ministries that would shake their churches to the core.
Faith missionary to China
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August 21, 1741: George Frideric Handel shuts himself up in his home to begin writing "Messiah." He finished the composition 23 days later. "Whether I was in the body or out of the body when I wrote it, I know not," he later said.

August 21, 1874: Henry Ward Beecher, a popular Congregational clergyman from Connecticut, is accused of adultery. Sued for $100,000 by the alleged adulteress's husband, the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe (and son of evangelical leader Lyman Beecher) would eventually be ...

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