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It's not easy to take a balanced view of doctrines like predestination and Communion—but Cranmer did.
Little-known and remarkable facts about Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation.
Thomas Cranmer was the most cautious, even indecisive, of reformers—until his final hour.
And why her persecution of Protestants failed
The burning of Reformers Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer
The English Reformation, more than others, was the work of the principalities and powers.
What was it like to be on the losing side of England's Reformation?
Where was Thomas Cranmer during this unscrupulous chapter in the English Reformation?
Why, and how, everyone should read the Bible
The cadences of Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer continue to nurture Christians worldwide.
The distinctive legacy of Thomas Cranmer, and the Anglican "middle way" today.
It scandalized many Christians and made Time magazine—so, like whatever happened to the Jesus Movement?
Genius behind Anglicanism
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May 19, 804: Alcuin of York, an English scholar who became an adviser to Charlemagne and the most prominent figure in the Carolingian Renaissance (the rebirth of classical learning under Charlemagne), dies. He also devised a handwriting system using both small and capital letters for easier reading.

May 19, 1805: Joshua V. Himes, best known for promoting William Miller's Second Advent movement, is born. Miller predicted the Second Coming between 1843 and 1844. When this did not happen, many followers ...

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