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Now Hear This!
The Kry's new album, What about NOW (Freedom), can be described in two words: absolutely awesome!

The band's edgier, modern-rock selections will no doubt attract new listeners. And long-time fans will still find some of the band's trademark acoustic ballads.

And from beginning to end, the lyrics offer solid gospel messages. Consider, for instance, "When You Die," a song that challenges those who offer countless excuses for rejecting the gospel:

You say: "When I get older, I'll turn around
I'll hold the hand of the Savior
Before I drown"
But you don't, you don't know when you'll die
No, you don't know when you'll die

I'll give this album two big thumbs up!

Tasha Hodges
Dallas High School
Dallas, Oregon

The message of What about NOW is clear: Why not become a child of God today?

Kate Kelley
Sanger High School
Sanger, Texas

What about NOW left me breathless. Along with the incredible music, the lyrics are bold and convicting.

Jennifer Dillinger
Banner County High School
Harrisburg, Nebraska

This Rocket Rocks!
The best thing I can say about Bottle Rocket (Myrrh), the latest release from Guardian, is … wow! What a great disc!
If you're looking for first-rate guitar and strong lyrics, this rock's for you! Check out these lines from "What Does It Take?":

What does it take to make you see
The love inside of me
What does it take to make you see
The truth that I believe
Is there a stone I've left unturned?
Is there a way I've not explored?
What does it take to shake your world?
To turn you to my Lord?

It's worth noting that the above lyrics, and many of the songs on this album, were written by solo artist Steve Taylor, helping make this release the best yet for Guardian.

Helen Holladay
New Harbor, Maine

Guardian's new album was actually very good. While I'm not a fan of the band's "metal" style, I could still appreciate the sound. And I really liked the band's awesome lyrics.

Josh Vandergrift
Johnson Junior High
Melbourne, Florida


Groovin' With Grover
Grover Levy's Wrestling Angels (Myrrh) is a solid pop album with well-crafted guitar work. And amid all the fine music, Grover offers refreshingly honest lyrics that challenge you to get real with your faith. Take these convicting words from "If You Want to Lead Me to Jesus":

Your message is clear
You sound so sincere …
But I've watched from afar and I've seen how you are with people you're around
And I don't see a trace of love and grace you talk so much about
If you want to lead me to Jesus
You better find a better way
'Cause your life is speaking so loud
I can't even hear a word you say

Megan Knouff
Fayetteville, Ohio


In a Frenzy
The groovy tunes of the jammin' ska band, Five Iron Frenzy, come alive on the group's debut album, Upbeats and Beatdowns (5 Minute Walk).

What I loved most about FIF is its firmly-rooted, Christ-centered lyrics. In the song, "Amalgamate," FIF challenges believers of all groups and denominations to unite in Christ:

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