Hanging Out With Jaci V.

Share an afternoon of honest talk with pop singer Jaci Velasquez
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CL: Tell me about a time when you and your mom kind of "bumped heads" over something.

Jaci (laughing):Oh, we bump heads quite often. The last time we bumped heads was when I wanted to go somewhere with this friend of mine.

CL:Was this a guy?

Jaci: Yes, and I wanted to hang out with him for the evening, and my mom wouldn't let me. It made me so upset that I cried.

CL:So why wouldn't she let you go?

Mrs. V: Well, we had to leave for a concert trip around midnight, and I just thought she shouldn't go out before we left. Actually, it was kind of a mother's intuition thing. It just didn't seem like the best thing to do. As it turned out, the boy's car broke down while he was out driving that evening. If Jaci had been with him, she probably wouldn't have made it back in time. My intuition turned out to be right.
Jaci (smiling):She loves it when that happens! I guess she was right, but I was still mad at her.

CL:So, Jaci, how long did you stay mad at your mom?

Jaci: The next day I gave her the "silent treatment."
I wanted to see if she would talk to me first. And finally she says, "Are you going to be mad at me all day?" Well, I broke down and cried again, and said (putting on a whiny voice), "Oh, Mom!"
I think one of the things I struggle with is balancing the "mother-friend" thing. Sometimes I think she should just be "the friend," and suddenly she's "the mom." The reality is, her main responsibility is being my mother—not my friend.
Mrs. V:Jaci's expertise is singing; mine is being a mom. I know I'm not always correct, but I try my best …
Jaci:And I know she loves me.

CL:Jaci, let's shift gears here a little. What's the hardest thing about being a Christian artist? … Ooops—sorry for talking with my mouth full!

Jaci: I don't mind. We do it all the time at home! … The toughest thing right now is being away from home so much. I get homesick for Nashville. I want to be there with my dad and friends. I also have older brothers and a sister. I miss seeing them. And I miss my church a lot. Oh, and I miss my favorite mall!
Another thing that's difficult is trying to be happy when I don't feel happy. It seems like sometimes I force myself to put on a happy face, especially when I'm real tired.

CL:So do you feel like you're being insincere?

Jaci: I do worry about that. I guess I just have to keep looking to God, asking him to keep my motivation right. … I must always ask myself, "Who are you ultimately doing this for?" I really do want to do this for God. I don't ever want to come across as false or superficial.
You know, though, I may get tired at times, but I love what I do. I love meeting people and talking with them. I love singing. It's a dream I've had since I was a little girl.
Mrs. V:I remember when she was 3 years old, she wanted to record songs on a cassette because her daddy had his songs on tapes.
Jaci:My dad has been a big influence on me. Not only in music, though. I admire his generosity and kindness. And even though I get mad at my mom, I hope I can someday be the kind of mother she's been to me. I hope I'll have her beautiful personality. My parents are just great people. Now as for my brothers and sister, they're big pains (laughing).

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