Hanging Out With Jaci V.

Share an afternoon of honest talk with pop singer Jaci Velasquez
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CL: They're all quite a bit older than you, right?

Jaci: Yes, they are—they were all grown up and out of the house when my parents and I began traveling. … Anyway, they keep me humble.

CL: How so?

Mrs. V: The night Jaci won the Dove Award, they were all staying over at our house. The next morning they were all going, "OK, Jaci, there are all kinds of dirty dishes in the sink! It's your turn to wash!"
Jaci:It might have had something to do with the fact that I woke up going, "I'm a winner! I'm a winner!"

CL: So, Jaci, did you do the dishes?

Jaci: Yes I did.

CL:Jaci, one of the groups sponsoring this tour is True Love Waits. And you have a song called "I Promise," about staying sexually pure. Talk to me about your commitment to sexual purity.

Jaci: I have personally committed myself to remain sexually pure until I'm married. It's not always easy to keep this commitment, but I believe God has someone very special for me. And I am willing to wait.

CL: You mentioned that it's not always easy. Yet with your music, you seem almost too busy to date a whole lot.

Jaci:Well, I do have some time. But my parents have been real strict about this. They wouldn't let me date until about a year ago. When I finally did get to date, it was so much fun, but I found myself experiencing these romantic feelings I've never felt before. So it was kind of scary, too. I know I must keep those feelings in check. I want to avoid making mistakes I'll regret later.

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