Hanging Out With Jaci V.

Share an afternoon of honest talk with pop singer Jaci Velasquez
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CL: How do you keep those feelings "in check"?

Jaci:It's important not too spend too much time alone with a guy I'm dating. So we'll plan to have dinner with friends, not just the two of us. We'll never spend too much time alone together in a car either. And passionate kissing is definitely out.

CL: Give me an example of a time you made a decision that helped you avoid a potentially bad situation.

Jaci: One time a guy I liked wanted to take me on a picnic up in some hills away from everything and everybody. It sounded so sweet and romantic. But the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I became. It just seemed we'd be putting ourselves in a situation that could lead to some bad choices. Needless to say, I called off the picnic. …
To be honest, I really don't want to be in any kind of serious relationship right now. I'm just trying to grow up, and that's hard enough without complicating it with romance.

CL: Growing up can be tough, huh?

Jaci:Oh, yeah. I'm no superhuman. I make mistakes. I get mad at my mom, pout and even throw an occasional temper tantrum. I think I worry too much about my looks and my clothes. I do have some insecurities. … I'm just a girl who, for some reason, has had some wonderful opportunities brought her way.
I'm so thankful to God. Sometimes I feel so dumb, and so undeserving. But God can use any of us. He's using me, and I'm just so grateful.

So What's New?
New Book! This May, look for Jaci's book, A Heavenly Place (Simon and Schuster), in your local bookstore. What's it all about? "It's just about looking at life from my perspective—the perspective of a teenager," says Jaci. "I cover issues like sex, dating, self-esteem. I just want it to be honest and helpful."

New Album!Then in June, Jaci's second album (this one will be self-titled) is due for release. "One of my favorite songs on the new album is 'Paper Tiger,'" says Jaci. "It's all about making too much of our fears. … In my mind, I may think I have the biggest, scariest problem in the whole world. But in most cases, the problem really is just in my mind. It's only a 'paper tiger.' So why do I worry so much?"

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