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July 9, 1999

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For Starters: Something to Live For

Comment Card: A Question for Christian College Students

Coffee Talk: "Will Romance Ruin Our Friendship?"

Today's Specials: Newsboys, Poetry and Finding God's Will

Jukebox: New Music from Steven Curtis Chapman

Chef's Choice: David's Homepage

Corner Booth: Deliriou5? Live Chat—This Sunday!

The After-Dinner Mint: Calendar Crazy

For Starters

Something to Live For
Peter Furler, the lead singer for the Newsboys, had an intense and sobering experience awhile back. A few hours before a concert in Oklahoma City, Peter decided to take a walk, and he found himself standing in front of a wire fence. On the other side of the fence was the vacant lot where the Alfred Murrah Federal Building once stood. The building was destroyed four years ago by a bomb that killed 168 people.

"The fence is like a memorial to those killed by the bombing," says Peter. "Key chains, teddy bears, photographs, high school class rings—all kinds of things are attached to the fence. But what I saw more than anything else were crosses, and signs and notes that mentioned the name Jesus Christ or God. It's the sort of experience that really causes me to realize one more time that all we have to hang on to are things like heaven, faith and home. It comes down to that, really."

For Peter, the experience is a reminder that God's kingdom is the only kingdom worth living for. Are you living like God's priorities are the No. 1 thing in your life? To start thinking through this question, read the rest of the Newsboys article and the devotional, "What Is God's Will for Me?" at the Campus Life home page:

Comment Card

With all of your help, we have about everything we need for the book we're working on. Thanks so much!

Another upcoming project is our December College Guide special issue—an entire magazine about finding the money you need for college. (Yes, we're already working on our December issue—crazy, isn't it?) So here's a question for any of you who attend (or will attend in the fall) a Christian college: How do you save money at college?
This could be saving money on food, entertainment, transportation, postage, books, supplies, birthday gifts—whatever. Serious and silly answers will be accepted!

Please e-mail your answer to Be sure to include your first and last name, the college you attend, and what year you'll be in the fall (freshman, sophomore, etc.). As always, we want to hear from guys as well as girls!

Coffee Talk

from Love, Sex & Real Life:
"I think I'm falling in love with one of my best friends. We've been friends for a while and we do a lot of stuff together. Lately, though, my feelings have changed, and I think of him in a more romantic way. I want to find out how he feels without messing up our friendship. I'm afraid that if I don't say something soon, he'll meet someone else and I'll never have a chance. Yet if I say something, it might mess up our awesome friendship. What should I do?"

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