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This newsletter is just a taste of what CAMPUS LIFE magazine serves up in every issue: dramatic true stories, articles on Christian role models, sound biblical advice, and encouragement on important issues like love, sex, self-image, popularity, and loneliness. And there's an added bonus: Three issues a year focus entirely on preparing for college and life on campus.

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Today's Specials

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Step Back from the Microphone
The Newsboys are known for eye-popping stage shows, and their latest tour was no exception. But the true heart of their ministry is what happens outside the spotlight.

The Smalltown Poets/Campus Life Poetry Contest
Through the eyes of three young poets, see what God is doing in hometowns across America.
Plus: Enter the new Campus Life writing contest: "What's Your Story?"

What Is God's Will for Me?
We need to ask, "What's God's will for my future?" But we also need to ask, "What's God's will for me right now?"


New Music from Steven Curtis Chapman
You'd think Steven Curtis Chapman would have been hesitant to record his new album. After all, the inspiration for Speechless (Sparrow) came from a Bible study where friends told the Grammy award-winning artist he talked too much. Ouch! But for a guy who's trying to keep quiet, Steven's got a lot to sing about.

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Chef's Choice

David's Home Page
Twenty-year-old David Hollander isn't just your typical computer whiz. Sure, he's into HTML and dreams of being a professional Web designer, but he's also big into sesquipedalianism. That is, he likes big words—like "omphaloskepsis" and "contumelious."

But David didn't create his page just to showcase his design talents or his vocabulary. "I want my visitors to see first and foremost that I am a Christian," he says, "and second to get a good laugh or two. I find that many non-believers visit the 'What I Believe' section. I receive many responses."

The highlights of David's page are the fun stuff, including neologisms (made-up words, like blorf: "to jump into a box of foam peanuts"), and the spiritual stuff, including The Prayer Chain—an area with message boards and chats where students can share their prayer requests and praises. It's definitely worth a visit. Rating:

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