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Deliriou5? Live Chat (AOL Only)
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Talk to Deliriou5?!
We want your questions! On July 11 at 10 p.m. ET, we'll be chatting live with the guys, and we'd love to ask them all the things you want to know about the band (within reason, of course). You can send your questions to Keep in mind, we'll be waking the guys up at 4 a.m. (UK time). At that time of the morning, they may live up to their name! To learn more about the band, click here.

The After-Dinner Mint

from Strange But True, by wil b. strange

Calendar Crazy
You might think that with the Fourth of July already past, the rest of the month is just plain vanilla boring. Au contraire. There's still plenty of fun stuff coming up this month, including:

  1. July 10: Moose Dropping Festival, Talkeetna, Alaska. A fun-filled fling—especially the famous moose-dropping tossing contest.
  2. July 17: Twin-O-Rama, Cassville, Wisconsin. A similar siblings celebration with a lot of double takes.
  3. July 23-25: UFO Days, Elmwood, Wisconsin. The local folk say E.T. might make an appearance this year.

* Adapted from Chase's Calendar of Events.

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