I'll Miss You So Much!

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I was sweating through a hot August afternoon when the phone rang. It was my good friend Ashleigh.

"I have something to tell you, Rach. … " There was a long, uncomfortable pause, then she continued. "My dad accepted a job back in Mississippi, and we have to leave in two weeks."

As Ashleigh told me about the move, she tried hard to reassure me that she'd come and visit as often as possible.

"But Ash," I said, "it won't be the same without you at school and without you being there to talk to!"

Suddenly I felt tears coming into my eyes. We talked about all the memories we shared, times we'd prayed together and cried together. And laughed together.

"Remember our group English project?" asked Ashleigh. "I thought there was no way we'd ever get the work done!"

"I can't even believe we still ended up with an A!" I said with a laugh. She laughed, too, and suddenly I felt a little better.

We went on to talk about tons of trips to the mall, all of our inside jokes and dozens of phone calls going on and on.

After we hung up, I fell onto my bed and sobbed. "God, why does this have to happen?" I cried. "It's not fair that someone I care so much about has to just leave!"

That was last summer. In the months that followed, Ashleigh and I have worked hard to keep in touch. She's visited three times already, and we talk on the phone as often as our parents let us. We also pray for each other, and we've challenged each other to keep God first in our lives. No, our friendship will never be like it was, but it has grown in some really cool ways. It might not have grown like that if she hadn't moved. I guess God knew what he was doing.

As I think about Ashleigh, I can't help but remember this verse: " … there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" (Proverbs 18:24).

It's so important to have a close, Christian friend who will listen to you, care about you no matter what, pray for you, and help you grow in your relationship with Christ. I'm glad Ashleigh is that kind of friend.

This summer Rachel hopes to get together with Ashleigh and share good memories over some ice-cold Mountain Dew.

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