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July 23, 1999
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For Starters: Handmade by God

Coffee Talk: "How can I get him to stop lying?"

Today's Specials: Self-Esteem, Priorities and a Survey for You

Jukebox: Quick Takes—New Music

Chef's Choice: Questions of Discernment

Corner Booth: New Teen Bible Chat

The After-Dinner Mint: Go Fish!

For Starters

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." — Psalm 139:14
Handmade by God

I've been really short all my life, and I'm not exactly built for sports. Sometimes I feel very self-conscious at school, especially around people who are super-athletic. I look at them and think, Why did I have to be so small and weak? Or when I'm around people who are really popular, I feel like I don't measure up.

Lucky for me, God doesn't judge me by how handsome or strong I am. He doesn't care how well I play sports or how popular I am. He loves me for who I am. And he's happy when he looks at my heart, because he sees a person who loves Jesus and is trying to do what's right.

So to anyone else who sometimes feels like a klutz or a nerd, I'd say, "God made you, and he loves you. Don't worry about who you aren't—praise God for who you are!"

— Jonathan, 14

* Excerpted from The Teen Devotional Bible (Zondervan). To find out more about this Bible, and to read another article about self-image—"Ugly Me"—go to the Campus Life home page:

Coffee Talk

from It's Your Turn:

"One of my friends is a really nice, funny guy, but he's always lying. I'm the only one who will hang out with him anymore because everyone else is fed up with it. How can I get him to stop lying?"

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Today's Specials

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Ugly Me
Who knows when I started hating the way I look? All I remember is staring at the mirror and never liking what I saw.

What's Really Important?
There are lots of things I absolutely love, including boys, shopping and hanging out. But I'm learning that those things can really take my focus off what's most important—discovering who God wants me to be.
by Jaci Velasquez


Quick Takes
Which new band landed its contract via e-mail? Who was a surfer before she became a singer? Find out these facts, plus info on new releases from Big Dog Small Fence, Dumpster, Deborah Fatow, Kim Hill, Silage and The Waiting.

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