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August 6, 1999
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For Starters: A Tough Assignment

Coffee Talk: "I Don't Feel Close to God"

Today's Specials: Roller Coasters, Saying Goodbye and Fun Friday Activities

Jukebox: Seeking a Sublime Substitute

Chef's Choice: Roller Coasters

Corner Booth: New Teen Bible Chat

The After-Dinner Mint: Calendar Crazy

For Starters

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." —Matthew 11:29
A Tough Assignment

A little while ago, my family decided to leave our big suburban church and move 30 miles away to start a sister church in a tough neighborhood in Chicago. I had to leave my friends, my school and the only home I had ever known. I didn't want to go.

But I saw how at peace my parents were about the move and how sure they were God wanted us in Chicago. I wanted to share their peace and confidence, so I asked God to help me. I told him I wanted to do his will, but it was going to be really hard on me and I needed supernatural strength.

God gave me even more than I asked for. He completely changed my attitude about moving. I actually wanted to move. Can you believe it? He gave me supportive friends and showed me in many different ways that going to Chicago was what he wanted for me. When I let God take control of my life, the plan that seemed totally "out there" turned into the plan I knew was best for me.

— Susanna

* Excerpted from The Teen Devotional Bible (Zondervan). To find out more about this Bible, and to read another article about moving—"I'll Miss You So Much!"—go to the Campus Life home page:

Coffee Talk

from Let's Talk:

"My devotion time used to be really intense, but now it has simmered down. At times, I feel like God isn't there. And even when I do have my time with God, there doesn't seem to be any passion in it. What should I do?"

Read Jim Burns' advice on the Campus Life home page (

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Today's Specials

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Coaster Crazy!
Monster lines and sweltering heat waves can't keep coaster fans away from their favorite rides.
Plus: Doo Wopper … and other crazy coaster names

I'll Miss You So Much!
When my best friend told me she was moving away, I couldn't help but ask, "God, why does this have to happen?"
"My Life as a Student" by Rachel Schlabach

We Asked:
"What's your favorite cheap Friday night activity?" Here are your responses, plus another question to answer.

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