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August 6, 1999
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Seeking a Sublime Substitute
"For some time now I've been a die-hard fan of the secular rock-reggae band Sublime. Although Sublime's singer, Bradley Nowell, was very talented, his crude lyrics about drugs and sex (sprinkled liberally with profanities) are hardly what God wants echoing through my head. Could you please help me find a Christian alternative?"

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Also on the menu today, you'll find these tasty tidbits from

Chef's Choice

Roller Coasters
Ken Denton takes his coasters seriously. He is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, after all. On this site he lists the 193 he's ridden and reviews his favorites in the wood and steel categories. You can even check out some coaster photos and video clips, if your browser can handle them. Rating:

Ratings Key:

  • Fantabulous!
  • Solid Site
  • Mediocre at best
  • Positively mind-numbing

This Web site review was brought to you
by Web chef Mike and the number 8.

Corner Booth

New Teen Chat! — AOL Only
Keyword: CO Chapel
If you're like most teens, you have lots of questions about the Bible: why it says certain things and what they mean, as well as how it affects you. Now there's a time set aside in the CO Chapel just to talk about these important topics. Each Thursday, at 9 PM ET, COHost EB will be answering Bible questions and providing guidance to help you find the answers on your own.

The After-Dinner Mint

from Strange But True, by wil b. strange

Calendar Crazy
Did you know that today is National Fresh Breath Day? Do your friends and family a favor: Avoid garlic and onions, and brush those teeth real good.

Other dates you won't want to miss:

  1. August 7: National Mustard Day. At Wisconsin's Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, the yellow goop tribute includes a mustard-squirting contest.
  2. August 8-16: Elvis Week, Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis fans from 'round the world gather to remember the man in the blue suede shoes who died 8/16/77.
  3. August 13-15: Montana Cowboy Poet Gathering, Lewiston, Montana. A regular round-up of well-versed troubadors. Yippee-ki-yi-yo!
  4. August 18: Bad Poetry Day. Good thing this doesn't fall during the Montana Cowboy Poet Gathering, eh?
  5. August 26-Sept. 1: Beatles Festival, Liverpool, England. Just in case you missed Elvis week.

* Adapted from Chase's Calendar of Events.

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