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Why Did God Let This Happen?

About a year ago, something happened to me that I thought would totally ruin my life: My family moved to a new city.

Moving meant leaving my friends and everything I took for granted. It was difficult, and I questioned God, Why did you let this happen?

Through many different experiences, God began to answer me. While I was at a missions retreat, a speaker talked about how many cities are becoming multicultural. I realized that, because of where I now live, I'm able to relate to a whole different set of people—people I wouldn't know otherwise.

God has also showed me that what he wants for me isn't always what I want. It was hard leaving all my old friends, but I've learned there are people in my new community I need to love. For example, at the school I go to, there are so many students who are lonely and in need of someone to be their friend. Maybe I am that someone. In Mark 11:24, Jesus says, "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours." So if you ever face an experience you think will ruin your life, ask God for help, and wait for him to answer you.

Janet Stephanie Moody
Westminster Preparatory School
Augusta, Georgia

No EXcuses!

It's often hard for us as enthusiastic, Christian young people to overcome the stereotypes associated with our generation. We've been labeled "Generation X"—lost, without God, without morals or purpose.

This attitude frustrates me. It's time to reclaim our generation and show the world we're on fire for Christ—and we're ready to make a difference!

Don't say, "But I'm too young." The prophet Jeremiah tried to use that excuse, but God wouldn't accept it. In Jeremiah 1:6-8, when Jeremiah cried out to God, "O Lord God, I can't do that! I'm far too young!" God replied to Jeremiah, "Don't say that, for you will go wherever I send you, and say whatever I tell you to. And don't be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and see you through" (The Living Bible). If we open our hearts and lives to the awesome power of the Lord God Almighty, he will use us to accomplish feats we never thought possible. In the kingdom of God, age is not a factor. Never let anyone say you can't be used by God, because God says you can!

Aimee Norton
Magic City Campus High School
Minot, North Dakota

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