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Hot Link: Xtreme Youth

"The Web is a crazy, wild place," this site's mission statement reads. "It has a lot of bad stuff, and it has a lot of good stuff. is good stuff."

The official site of Dayspring Community Church in Auburn, Indiana, Xtreme Youth features good stuff like photos of youth group events, a mailing list to keep students up-to-date, a testimony and links to more than 1,000 online games. There's also a link to, where you can listen to one of six cyber-radio stations.

Xtreme Youth's Webmaster is 17-year-old Tim Lyne. "I want the site to be more than just a nice little page for Xtreme Youth kids to visit," he says. "I really want it to be a place where non-Christians get attracted by the games and music but get their hearts reeled in by the message."

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Also, if you have AOL, check out:
• CO Yakety Chat (Keyword: COTeens)
Having trouble with your pet rock? Eager to share your favorite adjective? Actually, you can yak about pretty much anything at the wild and crazy chats scheduled from 7-11 p.m. (ET) every Saturday night.

• CO Yakety Yak (Keyword: COMB)
Spotlight on … Faith & Belief
Being a Christian in public school puts you on the front lines of a lot of spiritual discussions, moral debates and cultural clashes. But you're not alone! Find support and encouragement from other students in the same situations on this message board.

Random Survey
We asked our Web site visitors, "Imagine you've just won a million dollars. After donating a healty chunk to church, what are you going to start spending it on first?" Here's what they said …

CL Random Survey S/O99

CL Random Survey S/O99

Sites to See
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How's this for a challenge: to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every teenager in the United States. Challenge 2000 is an alliance of Christian students, youth workers, churches and youth organizations seeking to do just that. This site explains how you can get involved.

• World Religions (see page 48)
Christian World Index—Apologetics
This site covers it all: Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, paganism, New Age, cults and more. By reading the well-researched articles and personal testimonials collected here, you can find out what these belief systems stand for and how to witness to people from all different backgrounds.

• The New School Year (see page 44)
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Ready or not, that first class is right around the corner. But the stuff in this online area will make the transition a little easier. Stop by for chats, devotionals, back-to-school shopping and helpful hints.

• Music (see page 26, 30, 31, 32)
CCMusic: Contemporary Christian Music
Wondering where to find your favorite Christian musicians online? There's a good chance you'll find them here in the music directory or the artists list. Just follow the links to Web sites of the hottest Christian artists around—including this issue's featured groups, Plumb and the W's.

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