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Into the Wardrobe: The C.S. Lewis Web Site
If you're a big fan of the man who brought us The Chronicles of Narnia, you're not alone. This site, created by a huge Lewis fan, features all kinds of info and interaction, including book lists, message forums, a chat room and Lewis photos and sound clips. Another great feature is the personal anecdotes page, where you can read how lots of people have been affected by Lewis's books.

we asked:
Of all the people living today, who's the one you'd most like to meet and why?

"I'd like to meet Billy Graham, because he has shown so much faith and is an encouragement to all of us."
Tiffany, Baltimore, Maryland

"Ian Eskelin of the band All Star United, because I'd like to meet the guy who writes their songs and sings with such intensity. I think he's cool, and I want to be just like him."
Chad, Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I would love to meet Geoff Moore, to talk to him or have dinner with him. I've actually met him before, but I'd like to get to know him."
Josh, Tampa, Florida

"I'd like to meet Phil Vischer, co-creator of VeggieTales. Creative people amaze me with the thoughts they have. I'm also a big fan of Larry the Cucumber."
Melody, Greers Ferry, Arkansas

"Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of Voice of the Martyrs. His organization lets people know about the persecution of Christians around the world, and it's helped me pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ."
Miranda, Helena, Alabama

"I would love to meet Elisabeth Elliot, because I've read a few of her books and I think she's so inspirational. Perhaps she could give me some advice."
Amanda, Moline, Illinois

"I'd like to meet one of my online friends, because she's been such a good friend even though we've never seen each other."
Courtney, Atlanta, Georgia

"I'd love to meet Jesus, because he's the only God alive!"
Justin, Shoreview, Minnesota

answer this:
What's the best present you've ever received, and what made it so special?

Send a brief response to " we asked/you said" at one of the addresses on page 6. Make sure you include your name and hometown.

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