What's Up with Eve6?

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I really like the band Eve6. I especially like the song "Inside Out." What's your opinion of these guys?


The three young guys (they're barely 20) who make up Eve6 have definitely given a fresh, modern-rock twist to punk-rock music. This is not the punk of Green Day or MxPx. For one thing, the beat is slower and the guitar work is occasionally more complex. And the band's vocals are more polished than most punk singers'. Then there's the lyrical content. This band's writing comes with a bit more depth and thoughtfulness than most punk rock. Take the song you mentioned, "Inside Out," from the Eve6's self-titled debut. I believe this tune is a hit for two reasons. First, it's got a great pop beat and melody—it's very radio-friendly. Second, the clever, well-crafted lyrics mirror deep and confused feelings many of us experience at one time or another:

Want to put my tender heart in a blender/Watch it spin round to a beautiful oblivion. . ./The tick tock of the clock is painful/All sane and logical/I want to tear it off the wall

Overall, the band's music deals with heartbreak, heartache and feelings of alienation. The most powerful and moving tune on the CD is "Tongue Tied," a song about the stigma of being placed in a special education class.

Eve6 is refreshingly honest about bad experiences and painful feelings. But here's the problem: With so many bleak and bitter tunes, the band can easily bring you down or make you angry.

But that's not the only problem I have with Eve6. The band can be crass and vulgar. "Showerhead," for example, is just plain sexually explicit and nasty. Then there's the strong profanity that shows up on "Superhero Girl."



So what's the alternative? Well, I have two bands in mind. First, I'd like to recommend the pop-punk band Fanmail. Perhaps you've heard of Plankeye. The leader of this brand-new band is Scott Silletta, who used to be Plankeye's lead singer. But don't expect Plankeye's signature sound on this CD. Fanmail's style is faster and musically lighter.

On Fanmail's recently released debut CD, The Latest Craze (Tooth & Nail), you'll find tunes that deal honestly with painful feelings and struggles ("Mess Up" and "Let Down"). But you'll also find tunes that offer hope. "Wonderful Punches," the album's concluding tune, tells us that God uses suffering and trials to draw us closer to him.

I must mention, though, that Fanmail leans in the fast punk-rock direction. So stylistically, you'll find this band a little closer to MxPx than to Eve6.

If you prefer a slower beat—and a little less punk rock—I'd encourage you to check out Silage. The band's latest CD, Vegas Car Chasers (Essential), offers unique twists and turns on the pop-punk sound, with a little Sublime-influenced hip-hop tossed in for fun. And along with some lighthearted tunes ("Yo Tengo" and "Great Alaskan Ninja"), Silage also serves up some serious challenges for living a consistent Christian life ("Billboard" and "Walks & Strolls").

Keep checking out our "Quick Takes" reviews for bands that offer punk and modern rock sounds. With a little work, and with a willingness to give some new bands a chance, I'm sure you'll find some music that gives you a good beat and a great message.

—Chris Lutes

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