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We Asked:
If you could ask God one question when you get to heaven, what would it be?

You Said:

"Can I still play baseball up here?"
Mindy, Louisville, Kentucky

"Am I going to get older in heaven, or just stay the same age?"
Scott, Hamilton, Ohio

"How do you manage the whole universe and listen to everybody's prayers at the same time?"
Annie, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Why don't you talk to people today like you did in the Bible?"
Megan, Lee, Massachusetts

"What happened to the dinosaurs?"
Aimee, Los Angeles, California

"Can you explain the way guys think?"
Jill, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Why were junior high and high school so hard?"
Ashleigh, Phoenix, Arizona

"Why do you let so many bad things happen on earth?"
Faith, Schoolcraft, Michigan

"Why are there so many different races, even though we're all the same at heart?"
Tony, Grand Terrace, California

"Why do you let people say the things they do about you?"
Isaac, Marietta, Georgia

"What were Jesus' teenage years on earth like?"
Kristin, North Augusta, South Carolina

"How come you took away people who were such a big part of my life?"
Risa, Florence, Italy

"Could I have a hug?"
Amy, Austin, Texas

Answer this:
Besides the Bible, what's your favorite book and why?

Send a brief response to "We Asked/You Said" at one of the addresses on page 6. Make sure you include your name, age and hometown.

good stuff online

Hot Link: Dustin's Homepage
When Dustin McMath was in eighth grade, one of his good friends moved away. But the guys didn't let their friendship fade—they used e-mail to keep in touch. Later, Dustin's friend created his own Web page to share even more about his life. Dustin thought it was cool, so he made himself a Web page, too.

Dustin, who's now 16 and lives in Borger, Texas, says, "Originally the page was just something I did for fun during the summer, when there was nothing else to do. Later I began doing more with the site and using it to bring glory to Jesus Christ. I want it to reach out to the lost and to help others grow in their own faith."

To meet these high goals, Dustin posts lots of Christian quotes, stories, verses and links, plus a page spelling out the basics of salvation. He also has fun stuff like jokes, games and a weekly chat.

Dustin updates the page every week, so there's always something new to see. Don't miss out on this well-organized and well-designed site!


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While the rest of America glues their eyes to the tube for an evening of Tuesday TV, you could be competing online for cool prizes from ForeFront Records! Head over to the CO Yakety Chat room at 9 p.m. ET for Tuesday Trivia Night and use your Bible knowledge to play fun trivia games every week.

• CO Yakety Yak (Keyword: COMB)
Spotlight on … Youth Groups & Ministries
Need ideas for your next retreat or fund-raiser? Want to share information on short-term missions trips or Christian camps? Then this message board is the place for you. Two (or 200) heads are better than one!

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