Meet Josh Moore

The 18-year-old keyboard player for Caedmon's Call has had a gift for music from the beginning.
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When 11-year-old Cliff Young held a baby boy named Josh Moore in his arms about 18 years ago, he had no idea he was looking into the eyes of the future—his own future.

Years later, Cliff and some college friends from Houston's Second Baptist Church, where Cliff's dad is pastor, formed a band called Caedmon's Call. The band led worship at church on Sunday nights, took its show on the road, and went on to record a few of albums and a handful of hits on Christian radio.

Meanwhile, the baby named Josh, whose dad is music minister at Second Baptist, grew up—and became a musical whiz kid. At the age of 3, he wowed a visitor to Second Baptist—some guy named Michael W. Smith—with his piano playing.

"Michael freaked out," Cliff remembers. "He just couldn't believe how good Josh was."

Caedmon's Call

Caedmon's Call

So when Caedmon's Call needed a new keyboard player two years ago, Cliff knew exactly where to turn: To 16-year-old Josh, who was playing in a local worship band called Everyman.

At first, Josh's parents were hesitant to let their son join Caedmon's Call, a band of musicians all in their mid-20s, even though the family knew the band well. But once Cliff promised to play the role of surrogate father, Josh's parents agreed.

"We had to lay down some rules at first," jokes Cliff, who helped homeschool Josh while on tour last year. "But Josh is very mature. He's comfortable with us, and we're comfortable with him."

Josh, now 18 and a recent high school graduate, might fit in well with the band, but he's certainly had his, uhh, moments.

"Josh can be an airhead," laughs Cliff. "He leaves stuff everywhere and forgets everything. It's unbelievable."

At one concert, Josh panicked just before the curtain went up, saying he couldn't find his monitor pack—a vital piece of equipment (sort of like a small headphone) for any live concert.

"Everybody was frantically looking everywhere for it," says Cliff. "But the show had to start. We played the first song without it, the second song, the third. Josh was freaking out, saying someone stole it."

Finally, during the fourth song, Josh sat down. Crunch! The monitor was in his back pocket.

"I've done some dumb stuff," Josh admits. "I'm real clumsy. I trip over cables. I knock stuff over. And I forget stuff."

Like that time on tour when he left his shoes—his only shoes—in a bowling alley, and accidentally walked out while still wearing bowling shoes. And he ended up wearing them for the rest of the tour.

Despite his forgetfulness, Josh is an A student headed for Nashville's Belmont University this fall while the band, which will release a worship album in September, takes some time off. Josh wants to stay in Nashville and continue pursuing a career in Christian music—not only with Caedmon's Call, but as a writer and producer.

Long Line of Leavers

Long Line of Leavers

While he played keyboards on the band's last album, Long Line of Leavers, Josh didn't have any writing credits. That'll change with future albums.

"Josh is an amazing writer and producer," says Cliff. "I wouldn't be surprised if his name ended up on a lot of other albums as well. He's very, very talented."

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