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I loved "The Big Lie?" (July/August). Some of my friends are Jehovah's Witnesses, and I've always wanted to know more about their religion. This article not only informed me about jws, but also made me want to be a stronger Christian, so that when my faith is challenged, I will stand up for myself.
Tara Burut
Wayne, Michigan

I too was a teenage jw who secretly studied the Truth and eventually committed my life to God. I pray that more of us will be willing to reach out and touch the lives of those who are lost in cultic beliefs.
Lenny Favara
McPherson, Kansas

Still Grieving

Thank you for "I Watched My Friend Die" (July/August). Four students at my school were killed recently in two unrelated accidents. Counselors said "they're in a better place." This angered me, because two of the ones who died weren't Christians. I began blaming myself for not witnessing to them. I blamed God. It's been over six months, and I still haven't gotten over the immense pain. What little comfort there is when you aren't sure of someone's salvation. Your article helped, especially the verses at the end. I spent this afternoon crying, hopefully starting to let God heal me.
name withheld
Amherst, New York

God in the Halls

I really liked "My Life As a Student" (July/August). It helped me realize God has been there with me throughout all of my school years. He'll be with me senior year, and when I go to college after I graduate. This article was very encouraging.
Shareeda Terry
Lansing, Michigan

A Savage Review?

I was really distressed that you trashed Savage Garden ("Tell Me About It," July/August). Remember: Judge not lest ye be judged. The guys in Savage Garden believe God loves everyone—whites, blacks, homosexuals and heterosexuals—all the same. Savage Garden is all about love and communication.
Alicia Morrison
Phoenix, Arizona

Editor's note: We didn't intend to "trash" Savage Garden. We called them a "dynamic vocal duo" who seem "down-to-earth, sensitive and thoughtful." But we did note that they imply there's nothing wrong with homosexuality, while the Bible teaches it's a sin. We don't want to "judge" artists; we just take their message and see how it stacks up against God's Word.

In Style with P.O.D.

In the July/August "Speak Up!" section, Patricia Rodriguez complained that P.O.D. dresses in "all black" to "imitate the style of many secular bands." My friends and I wear "all black," but that doesn't mean we're trying to imitate secular bands. People like P.O.D. because of their down-to-earth and realistic music, not their style of dress.
Malorie Ward
Peoria, Illinois

If P.O.D.'s style of dress allows them to witness to more people, then I say right on! I frequently wear black, and have used my appearance to witness to non-Christians who would have rejected me had I not dressed similar to them. I'm also in a Christian band, and we often wear black. Are we not as Christian as bands who don't wear black? We praise the same God, so what does it matter how we dress?
Adam Jones
Wichita, Kansas

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