The Golden Nacho Awards

Why'd these movies win? You picked them. Why nachos? They're yummy.
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To honor the movies that move us, inspire us, and make us think about God, Ignite Your Faith asked readers to vote for a brand-new movie award: The Golden Nacho. We received a lot of votes for great 2006 films that gave us hope and showed godly values. And in a very tight race, we ended up with a true winner.

The IYF Golden Nacho Award for the most redeeming movie of the year goes to …

End of the Spear

The true story of Christian missionaries reaching out to Ecuador's violent Waodani tribe. When five male missionaries are killed, their families exhibit true love and forgiveness by moving in with the killers' tribe to teach them about God.

What you said:

"I voted for End of the Spear because it reminds us that we have to make sacrifices for our faith. Most of us will not have to give our lives, but we all have to give up something to follow God's amazing plan." —Madelyn, 14, Missouri

"When times come that make me think I can't go on, I think about this movie. I remember that these people had much more hurt than I. But still, they showed love and made a difference." —Shane, 17, Illinois

"Every time I watch End of the Spear (which is a lot), I feel a connection with the characters. Sure, I haven't been attacked with spears, but I can relate. I often feel attacked for sharing my faith. Really, we're all missionaries for Christ." —Shannon, 16, Pennsylvania

"I want to go into ministry and this film opened my eyes about how blessed I am to be able to openly and safely believe and share my faith. Seeing what those missionaries did inspired me—and made me realize how much more I could be doing for God." —Kelsey, 16, Ohio


1. The Nativity Story

What you said: "I love the portrayal of Mary and Joseph's faiths. The movie made me realize that this is not just a story. It really happened to real people." —Alyssa, 17, Kentucky

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

What you said: "I was heartbroken by how the movie's characters had to fight to make ends meet. My life is no struggle, yet I can be bitter and unappreciative of all God's blessings. The main character has such a fire to do something with his gifts. I want to mimic that trait to glorify God." —Katie, 17, Pennslyvania

3. Cars

What you said: "Lightning McQueen is egotistical, selfish and proud. But by the end, he learns humility, compassion and respect." —Sean, 13, Florida

IYF's DVD Picks:

Here are more movies we thought were real winners:

Akeelah and the Bee

A fun movie about a student who rises above her low-income neighborhood—and helps hurting people around her—by working hard and showing true sportsmanship in the National Spelling Bee.

We Are Marshall

When a plane crash in 1970 killed most of Marshall University's football team and coaches, an entire community was devastated. While many wanted the school's football program to end, others believed they should just keep playing. This movie, based on the true story, shows how hope can rise from tragedy.

Charlotte's Web

Not just for kids, this beloved book adaptation is a great example of John 15:13: "The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them" (CEV)—with insights on friendship, humility and God's creation.

Superman Returns

There are a lot of comparisons here between Supes and Jesus—displaying self-sacrifice, bringing hope to a desperate world, lovingly watching over the Earth from a distance, and even taking a spear in the side.

What 2007 movie might win the Golden Nacho? Check out what summer flicks might be good bets.

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