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When Justin Lookadoo golfed for the first time, he knocked a duck right out of the sky with his golf ball. That's random thought number 37 in Justin's 97 Random Thoughts About Life, Love and Relationships (Revell). Yeah, it's random. But not without a purpose. Justin wants to help us take a deeper look into God's amazing presence in this crazy and not-so-ordinary world. Let's just say this is not your typical devo book. And if you're looking for something fresh and original, that's a real good thing. Check out Lookadoo's other Revell titles: Dateable, The Dateable Rules and Chat Room Chatter.


Ever seen a piñata break open with a good, hard smack? All kinds of candy and tiny toys fall out and kids go crazy scrambling for the surprises inside—unless the piñata is filled with a bunch of cheap, crummy peppermints. Boring. In Peppermint-Filled Piñatas: Breaking through Tolerance and Embracing Love (Zondervan), Eric Michael Bryant wants us to leave behind our boring and ordinary "peppermint relationships" and reach out and embrace God's amazing variety of people. With lots of humor and personal stories, Eric is all about breaking down racial, religious, political and economic stereotypes. Why? Well, not just to make us more tolerant, but also to help us love just like Jesus loved.


In To the Church in the West, Scattered Throughout the World (Authorhouse), Patrick Roberts challenges us to stop playing church and let the Holy Spirit sink deeply into our hearts and our everyday lives. Patrick's book explores four big topics: 1) God will show up in unexpected ways; 2) money doesn't make the world go 'round; 3) what God wants us to be about; and 4) our messed-up thinking about God's kingdom. If you're interested in having your faith stretched, of if you're tired of just going through the Sunday-morning motions, this book is for you.


T. Suzanne Eller wants us to stop living off our parents' faith. But she not only wants us to really own what we believe; she desires for us to know exactly what we believe. That's the big challenge she gives in Making it Real: Whose Faith is it Anyway? (Kregel). But it's not just a challenge—it's also a challenge that comes with plenty of practical help and guidance. Along with Suzanne's insights, you'll also find lots of stories and thought-provoking poetry from teens just like you.


Dylan Harfield is an experienced assassin hired to kill Abby Sherman. Abby is a young woman who blogs about her inexplicable and deadly illness. But her blog posts aren't simply the cries of a woman in pain; they're filled with descriptions of a very real place on the other side of the grave. So begins the romantic thriller, The Watchers (Bethany) by Mark Andrew Olsen. Here is an action-packed novel that takes you beyond the world of what we see and into the world of the supernatural.

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